Parent Retreats


Up until the pandemic hit in 2020, John conducted in-person two-day “parent retreats” on a regular basis at various locations around the USA. The purpose of these retreats was to accomplish a “parenting makeover” for the folks in attendance. They were encouraged to examine their foundational parenting assumptions and led by John to understand that any problems they were experiencing with their children were, in most cases, due to a faulted “parent-view,” as John calls it, referring to a parent’s point of view, suppositions, short- and long-term goals, and, of course, methods, especially when it came to discipline.

The pandemic forced John to suspend in-person parent retreats, but he has recently resumed them using an online provider. Attendance at the online parent retreats is limited to 20 parents, comprised of couples and singles (including married parents attending without spouses), thus imparting as intimate an experience as possible and ensuring that every attendee has plenty of opportunity to interact with John personally. A good amount of time is devoted to questions, discussion, and disciplinary problem-solving.

Each parent couple or single parent will receive, free, a one-hour phone consultation (worth $200) with John, to take place within six months of the event. In addition, each couple/single will receive a free autographed copy of John’s latest book, The Bible Parenting Code, which John says is definitely the best book he has ever written (and is not for Christians only).

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